Golden Mile

The strip of coastline running between the emblematic La Concha mountain peak and the Mediterranean sea that starts at western-most end of Marbella and runs all the way to its world-famous luxury marina Puerto Banus has long been known by its popular nickname: ‘The Golden Mile’.

Although it’s just a relatively thin strip of land approximately 5 kms in length, the area is one of the most exclusive tracts of real estate to be found anywhere in Europe.

In fact, the Golden Mile was the birthplace of Marbella as we know it today as it was the site chosen by Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe to build his luxury Marbella Club Hotel.

Once the hotel it opened its doors in the mid-1950’s, it soon began to attract European aristocrats, international businessmen, movie stars and the well-heeled transforming what was once a sleepy fishing village into one of the world’s premier resort destinations – a status it has maintained ever since.

It’s unsurprising then, given its history that the Golden Mile area is now home to some of southern Spain’s most impressive private villas, penthouses and apartment complexes.

It’s effectively divided into two separate areas by the N-340 coast road, which runs parallel to the sea and is itself home to numerous upmarket commercial centres featuring the very best cafes, bars, restaurants and shops Marbella has to offer including El Portalon, Villa Tiberia, Da Bruno, Restaurante Toni Dalli, Tai Pan, The Suite and Sukho Thai amongst many others.

To the south of the N-340 there’s the long consolidated beachside, where stunning private villas and select luxury apartment complexes such as Las Canas Beach and Playa Esmeralda are located directly overlooking the sea alongside the 5-star Marbella Club and Puente Romano hotels.

This beachside also features one of the longest (and quite frankly beautiful) pedestrian sea side promenades in Europe, with several of the best beachclubs and restaurants to be found in Marbella.